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Using Var

Usage of "var" allows for cleaner code, but it also makes it easier to write code that is harder to maintain.

Coding Standards

ASP.NET MVC Linked Dropdown

Sometimes the selection in one drop down list filters another drop down list. This is a bit of code I wrote to create a nice server side object (@Html.LinkedDropdownListFor), that renders a purely client side solution.


ASP.NET MVC ActionButton

When a button is more suitable than a link, all you have to do is include the helper class and change @Html.ActionLink into @Html.ActionButton.


ASP.NET Url Rewriting & Postback

When using url rewriting in combination with, postbacks tend not to go to the rewritten url but to the underlying real url. Since .NET 3.5 SP1 this is easily fixed.

Visual Studio RegEx

Unfortunately, the Visual Studio RegEx syntax is not entirely standard. These are the most basic differences.

Visual Studio

.NET XmlDocument Improved

Working with namespaces in XML can be tedious, especially when default namespaces get involved. Here is an XmlDocument implementation that auto-loads the namespaces and even tames the default one.