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EpiEssentials Translations

As a content editor, it can be hard to keep track of untranslated content in a multi-language Episerver site. This plugin helps by showing where translations are missing.

Either all active languages can be shown, or one language can be selected from the dropdown list. In the below screenshot, Dutch (Nederlands) is selected, and only content that is not translated in Dutch is displayed in the tree.


The tree shows pages (â–®), properties (·) and blocks (â–¡). Clicking the link icon (🔗) takes you to the standard edit functionality for that page or block, and clicking the greater than sign (>) opens a popup that displays details on the property:


The popup is an actual browser window, so that it can be kept open while editing the content, and refreshed to check the new status.

Get in touch if this plugin solves your problem: epi@kruisit.nl